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Who we are

Certificate of ExcellenceAnglotourismo started in 2007 running boat tours along St. Petersburg’s canals and rivers on the regular basis for English-speaking visitors. For the first time in this city’s history an independent traveler had a chance to join a turn-up boat tour in English, instead of running around looking for a reasonable boat, a competent guide, negotiating the price, putting a tourist group together to bring the cost down etc. We tried our best to make this service as affordable and accessible as possible!

In 2016 we’ve got the Certificate of Excellence from the TripAdvisor.

Our guides

Our guides: meet Olga


There’s more to come.

Meet our guides: Mike


There’s too much to say about Mike but we’ll wait until he says something himself

Our guides: meet Irish


Russian blood, Siberian heart – Ira (guess why we call her Irish) came to St. Petersburg from her native Omsk to study English philology and is now doing her master’s. Besides being an excellent guide to show you around on a boat or by foot, she is a massive party-goer (Irish is the person to ask  about St. Pete’s nightlife) an a keen modern-dancer. She, as well, is an invaluable source of information about the home-made pelmeni and the misterious land of Siberia where she actually lived!

Our guides: meet Alina


Alina is one of the most exprerienced guides in Anglotourismo. Boat, bike, museums, walks, you name a tour, we bet she’s done them all! In fact, she has been a tour guide since she could set one foot in front of the other and hold a microphone.  Born and bred in St.Petersburg she recently graduated from Academy of Applied Arts in industrial design. Needless to say, when she is not doing canal or any other tours, she is busy designing…boats!

Our guides: meet Mitrich


A philosophy and theology student, Mitrich became an Anglotourismo guide after the shortest training course one can ever imagine. The course took only one hour and the trainee was ready for the job! He’s  super calm and cool, plays bass-guitar in a soon-to-be-huge band and is thinking of pursuing a serious music career. Don’t leave us too soon, amigo! You’re already a mega star!