Daily Walking Tour 2009

Look at St. Petersburg from all possible angles! Whether you wish to take a leisurely boat cruise, explore the city’s streets and embankments by foot or dive into St. Petersburg numerous museums, Anglotourismo has it all for you now – “complect”, as the Egyptians would say! Here comes our regular daily

The Essence of St. Petersburg Tour

St. Petersburg at its best, its squares and palaces, market places and churches, back streets and off-the-beaten-track spots. Here’s your chance to get your bearings in the historical centre, visit most famous landmarks and get a local’s insight on what St. Petersburg is all about! The tour doesn’t have a fixed route – we build it up together with tour-takers who show up at the meeting point, but here are some of the Key features of this walk:

  • Peter the Great and his ambitious project of building a new capital;
  • Catherine the Great, her lovers and her empire;
  • the famous Mikeshin’s monument to the Russian Empress, Russian National Library;
  • the finest examples of classical and baroque architecture in the city centre;
  • Church on Spilt Blood, Arts Square, Cathedral of Our Lady of Kazan, Winter Palace etc;
  • how people live: residential areas, apartment blocks and court yards, farmer’s market, corner shops;
  • how much the city has changed over the last 10-15 years.

Availability: From May 2nd to September 30th daily at 10.00 am
Meeting Point: Café Rico, Nevsky prospect 77, enter from Pushkinskaya ulitsa (see map for detail and directions)

Cafe Rico
Cost: 500 rubles students/600 rubles adults
Duration: 3, 5 – 4 hours.
How to take: this tour doesn’t have to be booked in advance – just turn up a few minutes before it starts, work out the details of the tour with the guide over a cup of cappuccino and off we go!