Dostoevsky Walk: the Master of St. Petersburg

Some critics view Leo Tolstoy as top Russian writer ever. We believe that human nature was best explored and understood by someone else – Fyodor Dostoevsky. Moscow born and bred, Dostoevsky moved to St. Petersburg to study at a military academy and this is where his debut novel and other most important works were eventually written and published. Joining our Dostoevsky walking tour in St. Petersburg you will learn about the writer’s dramatic life, his work and his love. Hear stories about how “the beacon of Russian intelligentsia” and “the Master of St. Petersburg” was once sentenced to death, survived imprisonment, nearly ended up in publisher’s pocket, but got away with it, and how it influenced the writing of his books. Wonder the little streets and back alleyways, go across foot bridges in the area generally known as Dostoevsky district. Visit places where The White Nights, Brothers Karamazov and The Idiot were written. Make the 730 steps from Raskolnikov’s house to the pawn-broker’s apartment, soak in the atmosphere of Hay market square and visit other iconic spots from Crime and Punishment.

Key features of Dostoevsky walking tour:

  • Dostoevsky district. Early years in St. Petersburg. The house where The Poor Folks was written. Statue to the writer. Church of our Lady of Vladimir. The last house where Dostoevsky lived in St. Petersburg.
  • Semionovsky Platz. Place of the “mock execution”.
  • Hay Market square. Important sites from Crime and Punishment.
  • Place where Crime and Punishment and the Gambler were written.
  • “Murder route”. A walk from Raskolnikov’s house to the pawn broker’s.



3 p.m. on Wednesdays, all year round




2 persons


3 hours


1200 / 1000 rubles (full/students)

  Meeting point:

Diner (Столовая) at 27 Nab. Reki Fontanki, look it up on Google maps

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