Vasilievsky Island Walk

A town in a town, a state within the state, Vasilievsky island is a home to a crazy mix of sailors, industrial workers, academics, artists and students. Come with us on our Vasilievsky Island walking tour around the largest island in St. Petersburg. Learn about Jean-Baptiste Alexandre Le Blond and his ambitious yet idealistic project of building the “perfect city” with the focus on Vasilievsky island. Wander around the University area and discover some of the hidden students’ hangouts, great cheap eats and the best live music venue in town. Hear the stories about some outstanding artists and scientists who worked and taught at St. Petersburg University and Academy of Fine Arts and discover where the first TV set in the USSR was built. Take a stroll along one of the finest embankments in St. Petersburg with its imperial palaces and exotic monuments. Visit the narrowest street in the city and the sites of the German district and find out what’s happening in one of the oldest markets in town.



3 p.m. on Mondays & Fridays, all year round




2 persons


3 hours


1200 / 1000 rubles (full/students)

  Meeting Point:

Diner (Столовая) at 27 Nab. Reki Fontanki, look it up on Google maps

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IMPORTANT: Please, note that we expect reservations sent before 10 pm on the day before the tour. If no reservations are made on the eve of the tour day, the guide will not show up at the meeting point.